“I Create Best Selling Authors
And Then Feature Them On My Nationally Syndicated TV Show"

Just 1 National TV appearance can change the fortunes of
a company or person overnight... just look at Shark Tank!

"I Am The CEO That CEO's Call When They Want To Become The "Celebrity" In Their Industry With My Proprietary TV And Publishing Program!"

Our Signature Book Publishing Program Includes:

Additional Services Offered:

“Sometimes you need an expert, someone that is going to come along beside you and work with you, to make that vision a reality. TC Bradley is just that man.

If you are looking for someone to help you get that idea, revelation, concept, or strategy principal out of you and into the world where it belongs, then he’s the guy you want to call.

I have seen him time, and time, and time again, take something that the industry might consider ordinary, and in many cases overlooked, and create EXTRAORDINARY.”

Damon Davis
Nationally Syndicated Television Host

A Few Video Endorsements From My Clients

“TC Bradley has been instrumental in my successes around the world.

Without him, without his holding my feet to the fire, and holding me accountable, I would not have gotten here.

I am known all around the world now, I am still traveling, consulting with companies, and have done 7 figures a year…it’s been an awesome journey and without TC Bradley’s intervention in my life, none of this would be happening.”

Stephen Young, Publishing Client

International Business Consultant And
Highly Sought After Public Speaker 


The “Celebrity Specialist” always dominates any market and it’s the fastest way to rapidly grow any business and naturally attract high ticket clients, command higher fees, speaking engagements, media appearances, and having a waiting list for your services.

No other marketing strategy comes close!

Your next step to schedule a brief 30 minute call with me or a member of my publishing and media team.

If we decide to take you on as a client, this call will be the best 30 minute call of your business career, so please treat this call with the respect it deserves.

I will say this, if you are playing small and want to stay playing small, then I am not your guy.

This is “Next Level Marketing” at the highest level.

I can deliver with 100% certainty what I say that I can deliver.

The only unknown factor at this point is you.

Let’s change that right now with you scheduling some time with my publishing and media team.

Talk soon!


“TC Bradley is a FORCE!

He is such an encourager. He saw something in me that I could not see. Getting out of my way was my biggest hurdle.”

Pamela Mumm, Publishing Client

Best Selling Author And Executive Business Consultant

Exclusive Television Programing

"Business Leaders Spotlight" With TC Bradley

Entering our 7th Year of broadcasting on FOX4, NBC, and CW Television Networks.

Clients have flown in from the UK, Romania, Australia, and all over the USA to be featured.

(10) 7 figure marketers have been featured on "Business Leaders Spotlight with TC Bradley"

Perfect for someone who has never been featured on Television before.

* Remote Interviews and FULL FEATURE Shows Are Possible!

"God Made Millionaire TV With TC Bradley"

Entering our 5th Year of broadcasting this Nationally Syndicated television show...

We feature faith based entrepreneurs who have activated their God given dreams on our nationally syndicated television platform.

65 PLUS Million Homes.

This is television at the HIGHEST level.

Full feature shows and half shows are offered.

* Remote Interviews available or come to our television studio in NAPLES, Florida for taping.

“TC taps into his extraordinary special gift born in his own life-transforming experience and belief and reliance on GOD to help transform other people’s lives.

It is more than just mentoring and coaching, it is an experience that will help transform your life.


David Radlo, Publishing Client 

Industry Disrupter of Multi Billon Dollar Egg Industry With 

“Eggland’s Best” 

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